Website Support Packages

The tools and support you need for a website that helps grow your business


What is a Website Support Package?

We know that you need more than just a website.

We want you to have a website that works 24/7 to attract new clients to your business and help it grow.

Most small business owners lack the time or expertise to maintain an effective website.

Many website providers will design and develop a new website for you, but offer no follow up or support after the website is launched.

Here at Help With Websites, we do things differently. After the website launch, we will continue working with you to improve your website and equip you with the tools you need to maintain it.

By signing up for a Website Support Package, you will get a new website and the support required to keep it relevant and up to date.

We will work with you to ensure that your website is effective well into the future.

What you'll get from our Website Support Packages

Website Support Package

  • A new website within 2 months*
  • Domain Registration & Website Hosting
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Updates
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Creator Blueprint
  • Website Content Starter Course
  • 6-monthly Website Review

Website Support Package

  • Everything from Level 1, PLUS
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Lead Capture
  • 3-monthly Website Review

Website Support Package

  • Everything from Levels 1 and 2, PLUS
  • Monthly SEO Campaign
  • Website Content Writing Service
  • Email Automation
  • Design Extras
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Monthly Website Review

Minimum 12 month commitment for all packages.

*Completion of website is 2 months from website content being finished & approved

Website Support Package Inclusions Explained


New Website
A brand new professionally designed, custom website built on our unique platform that we have been developing and refining for the last 12 years.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting
Your domain name is the rights to your website address e.g. Website Hosting is the server on which your website is stored.

We use a Perth, WA based Company who we have a long-standing relationship with to provide domains and hosting. If you wish to use a different provider that is totally fine, however the cost will not be included in your website package, and extra charges may apply if technical difficulties arise.

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
In order for a website to be found by search engines such as Google, it must be set up correctly in the background. We ensure an SEO friendly website structure, set up meta tags correctly, ensure images have ‘alt’ text, https redirection, fast page load times, responsive website design and more. We’ll ensure your website is utilising all of the current best practices for on-page SEO.

Website Updates
Whenever you require standard changes to your website content, these can be requested through our online support forum. All requests will be responded to within 2 business days. You will also have access to make standard changes to the website yourself.

Online Community
[Coming Soon] A closed Facebook group in which you can connect with like-minded individuals who are also working toward an effective web presence for their business. Our team of experts are active in the group and available to answer questions and provide ongoing training and support.

We will set up a Google Analytics account for you so that you can monitor how many people are visiting your website along with other useful info and statistics.

Content Creator Blueprint
Our unique Online Portal specifically designed to help you develop and collate quality website content. More info about the Content Creator Blueprint.

Website Content Starter Course
[Coming Soon] An online course which will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of creating quality website content. Topics include clarifying your website message, landing pages, building authority content and avoiding common website mistakes.

Website Review
You will be contacted by one of our team members at the specified interval to review website content, SEO, rankings and effectiveness, and discuss strategies for ensuring your website never gets out of date.



Webinars and Workshops will be run at minimum quarterly, either online or in person, depending on demand.

Lead Magnet Design & Capture
A Lead magnet is something of value that you offer your potential clients in return for their email address. Capturing these email addresses allows you to build up a list of leads that you can then send a series of automated emails to build trust, and ultimately convert more leads into customers.

Content Writing
Adding keyword-rich, relevant articles to your website on a regular basis can boost your rankings and give your visitors added value. We will consult with you regarding the topics of these articles, write them and add them to your website for you. They can also be shared on your social media pages.


SEO Campaign
An ongoing link-building campaign that is external to your website and ensures your rankings continue to climb. Note that you can also undertake an SEO campaign as a standalone service.

Website Content
Writing of your complete website content (4000+ words). Includes one 2-hour brainstorming session. See the Level 3 Content Writing package for full details. This is also available as a standalone service.

Email Automation
We will set up email nurture and sales sequences as a part of your marketing funnel. This includes writing of the emails in consultation with you. Note that this service will be included for Level 2 Support Clients in the second year of their membership.

Design Extras
Professiona design of items such as social media graphics, additional lead magnets and marketing materials.

Social Media Scheduling
We will schedule your social media posts ahead of time on a monthly basis.

1-on-1 Coaching
A one hour monthly in-person meeting or zoom call to create and review ongoing strategies for an effective website.


Special features may incur an additional one-off cost to set up. E.g. e-commerce / online store, calendar, online bookings, product catalogue, client login area, custom forms etc.
Ask us to provide a quote for special features.

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